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Our Services

Civil /Construction

have been contributing to the Kingdom projects and including construction of schools, hotels, offices, and W&WWTP operation & maintenance. Our projects depend on our capabilities and partners and our superior technology and experiences accumulated over many years.

Reference :

  • Commercial building (4 stories) in Dammam City.
  • Office complex (6 stories) with parking lot in      Dammam City.
  • Private housing compound over 7500/m2 in         Khobar City.
  • Installation of a sewage plant in Abu Arish, Jazan.
  • Electrical works of housing program building in      Qateef City.
  • Cleaning evaporation ponds at waste-water treatment plant in KGP.
  • Finishing a commercial residential building in Dammam City.

Electro-Mechanical Works

over the last few years we engaged in many projects of installing, removing and modifying firefighting ,HVAC, water and wastewater, plumbing, control and operating system and electro mechanical works. These projects include installation , commissioning , O&M, and testing.

Reference :

  • Replacement of Abu– Arish MBR control panel –Jizan.
  • Oily water removal WWTP equalization tank at KGP.
  • Testing & Commissioning control Panel for storm water plant of AlQashla.
  • Replacement of re work ladder at Bshayer al Jazeera school at Khobar.
  • Installiation of a safety system (fire Gate) at safana 2 building.
  • Supply of Air Operated Valves (AOV) for KGP Wastwater Treatment Plant. at KGP.
  • Upgrading firefighting system at Dar al– Bayan School at Khobar.
  • Dewatering system for yanbu pumping station.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Services

contributing to improve the environment through using professional operators and high quality waste water treatment systems to provide quality service for operation and maintenance of W&WWTP. FKGCCo in coordination with its technical partners has already many current and completed projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Reference :

  • Installation and supervision of water & wastewater system of biochemical factory at industrial city 2nd -Dammam.
  • Instillation and supervision of storm water and draining system of biochemical factory at industrial city 2nd –Dammam.
  • Marafiq Yanbu-SETE Energy Saudi 2010.
  • Supporting Mena-Water FZC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Jubbail STP-SETE Energy, Saudi 2010.
  • Marafiq Yanbu-SETE Energy, Saudi 2011.
  • Dammam sewage network 2011.
  • Dammam pumping station, Al-Manar AL-Arabia company 2014.
  • Onaizah STP WPWTP2011.
  • Shumaysi STP-AQUA2011.

Operation & Maintenance

In spite of our recent establishment, we became the operating and commissioning partner for MENA-Water projects in Saudi Arabia. Recently completed O & M project and its commissioning with two-years warranty operating period of the W & WWTP (MBR) at Abu Arish. Also, an O & M services for Saudi Aramco W & WWTP at KGP (Khursaniyah Gas Plant).

Reference :

Aramco Reference :


  • Operation and Maintenance of Sanitary Wastewater and Oily Wastewater Plant at Khursaniyah Gas Plant (Saudi Aramco).


  • Not Awarded Yet) Operation and Maintenance of Sanitary Wastewater Plant at Waste Gas Plant (Saudi Aramco)


  • Jazan Central Sanitary Treatment Plant Jazan Economic City, Saudi Aramco


  • Juaymah Terminal Evaporation Ponds Industrial Water Treatment for Marine Discharge, Juaymah – Saudi Arabia

Saudi MENA Water Reference :


  • Commissioning of Abu-Arish Wastewater (MBR) Plant.


  • The Year Warranty Operation and Maintenance of Sanitary Wastewater Plant at Abu-Arish


  • Opertaion & maintenance services to MENA water mobile MBR & RO system.

Latest Projects


The plant was installed under Build, Own, and Operate (BOO) Contract by FK & Partner Company.


FK & Partner Co. provided O & M Services for the Wastewater Treatment Facility at KGP – Aramco


The Temporary STP located in Jazan Economic City (JEC) with a capacity of 10 MLD (Phase 1 & 2)

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