Project Details

Mobile Nano-Filtration Plant for 55,000 BBLS/Day Low-Sulfate Seawater Injection

  • Client
    Saudi Aramco / SAIPEM
  • Main Contractor
    FK & Partner Company
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Technical Partner
    H2O Tech. Factory
  • Date

Project Summery

In 2019, FK & Partner was contacted for building water treatment plant. The project was a sulphate removal unit to produce 9,000 CMD and was constructed in 90 days. Only to meet client urgent demand. During the construction stage, FK & Partner faced many challenges, such as obtaining long-lead items and building the entire system in 90 days, design the plant to operate and maintain production with variable inlet pressure, the brine (reject) is to be returned to pressurized (20 bar) system, product is to be delivered to pressurized (15 bar system, limitation in space (client site), the plant to be designed to out-stand the 50 bar surge pressure, high salinity seawater (TDS>50,000 ppm), and finally uncertainty in feed water quality. The Construction took a place in our partner’s factory (H2O Tech Factory) in Dammam 3rd Industrial City with the supervision of our affiliate engineering office, Innovative Engineering Consulting Office.

Modular Skids for Large Scale Plants

FK & Partner Co. successfully invented a new design for building large scale Mobile Nano Filtration Plants within short period of time.
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